Apparatus body treatments

Vacuum massage

Roller-vacuum massage with photo massage for the whole body 45 min EUR 35,-

The treatment, activates lymph drainage and microcirculation, destruct unaesthetic accumulations of fat and enhances toxins removal. As a result, cellulite is reduced, stretch marks are evened, skin tone and body silhouette are improved


- Lipolysis with ultrasound and light therapy 40 min EUR 32, -

Microcurrent therapy effectively breaks down and eliminates local fat deposits, enhances lymph circulation, removes end products of metabolism from the body, reduces the area of problematic body zones.

- Lipolysis with AROSHA bandages*/Slim Cell, Aqua Drain / 40 min EUR 47, -

- Myostimulation 40 min EUR 32, -

The procedure for muscles and skin tone - "lazy training"

- Myostimulation with AROSHA bandages */ Firm Up, Crio Tonic/40 min EUR 47, -

AROSHA bandages

! Disposable bandages impregnated with highly active substances - hyaluronic acid, seaweed extracts, Centella Asiatic and others.

! Suitable for customers to effectively prevent unaesthetic body problems: obesity, the effect of "orange peel," cellulite, edema, atonic tissues, dry, flabby, loose skin, as well as significantly improves the condition of skin and tissue.

Lymphatic drainage

Mechanical lymphatic drainage for the whole body 45 min

- Pressure therapy with compression wrapping EUR 30, -

- Pressure therapy with applications of algae and compression wrapping EUR 40, -

- Pressotherapy with AROSHA bandages EUR 45, -

This is the basic procedure for the body shape correction, which effectively prevents swelling and cellulite, improves the circulation of lymph in the body, withdraws toxins, cleanses the body and stimulates the metabolism, reduces weight and volume of the body, making the skin smoother and more elastic.

Combined treatments

Lipolysis/vacuum massage/lymphatic drainage 75 min EUR 50

An opportunity to combine the two treatments, with a view to more effective body contouring simulation!

Spa treatments

Spa Body Peeling 30 min 25 EUR

It cleanses the skin, providing a deep mineral content of the skin, its restoration and improvement of human overall health.

Bio peeling massage with natural brushes of cactus fibers 15 min EUR 10

Before the procedure the invigorating massage is performed that stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the tissue and skin, cleanses, smoothes the skin's surface, allows the skin to better absorb subsequent care products, provides special additional effects during corrective treatments.

Wrap/application of algae, mud, clay, spa masks/40 min EUR 35

The treatment contributes to more efficient removal of residues from the body, promotes weight loss, enhances the body contour, restores body strength and appearance, and balances the condition at the trace elements level.

DETOX treatment 90 min 65 EUR

The treatment includes Bio peeling massage with natural brushes of cactus fibers/Serum to improve drainage/Mask of white clay for detoxification/Cleansing facial mask/Slimming cream

Ritual "Silhouette" 120 min EUR 85

Spa Body Peeling/Anti-cellulite massage of problem areas/Serum with essential oils for slimming/Body wrap with algae applications/Face mask with the effect of plastic surgery/ A cup of tea at the end of the ritual


Anti-cellulite massage 75 min 45 EUR

Salt massage for slimming 75 min EUR 50

Honey massage 75 min 45 EUR

Chocolate massage 75 min 50 EUR

Relaxing massage 60-80 minutes, EUR 40-50

Champi - Ayurvedic head massage 60 min 40 EUR

Foot Reflexology 40 min 25 EUR

For the back area 30 min 20 EUR

For the "collar" area 20 minutes EUR 15

For lumbar area 20 min EUR 15

For the feet 30 min 20 EUR