Face lifting

Face lifting is the most effective way of removing changes caused by ageing from face and neck. This method helps to look 7-8 years younger. Face lifting is recommended for 40-50 years old women. It is possible to make face lifting also for 30-35 years old women if there are signs of premature ageing.

Duration of operation: 3-5 hours. Post operation treatment in clinic lasts for 2 days. Best results are seen 2 months after operation.

Midface lift

Midface lift elevates sagging cheek area. Face lifting is performed on clients aged from 40 years. Facial skin tissue and subcutaneous bones are lifted thus improving the face shape.

Duration of operation: approximately 2 hours. First postoperative night should be spent in clinic. Facial tapes are applied for a week. Duration of results: from five to ten years (average).