Face treatments

Almond peeling - 45 min 30 EUR

Almond peeling is soft and very effective - it is a very gentle method, which does not disturb the natural rhythm. It greatly helps for oily skin, post-acne, in the case of skin dehydration and unhealthy complexion, smoothes fine lines, has a lifting effect and whitens pigmentation spots. The treatment can also be performed before or after the suntan - it improves the quality of the tanning, protects from burns and increases the biological activity of the cells.


Moisturizing treatment with algae mask (Perle de Caviar) - 65 min 45 EUR

All the wealth of the seas - trace elements, minerals, proteins, amino acids, phospholipids - all in one treatment which calms and smoothes sensitive skin. Excessively dry skin is filled with a sufficient amount of moisture. Under the influence of caviar, pearl extract, hyaluronic acid, and alginates the damaged skin is restored. After saturation with these valuable nutrients, the skin recovers and becomes protected - elasticity and comfort returns.


Anti-age treatment with collagen mask - 65 min 55 EUR

Skincare treatment acts as a revitalizing Thalassotherapy, which is based on the potential energy of caviar, marine collagen, pearls and chitin. The relaxed skin becomes supple. The facial contour is strengthened and restored. Moisture reserves recover, the skin returns its freshness and healthy radiance.


RF-lifting (radio wave) 45 min - € 40

The treatment provides instant and long-lasting effect. The immediate effect is visible already after the first treatment. The prolonged effect is observed during the course of treatments for RF-lifting, which is expressed as a visible reduction of fine lines, smoothing tone, tonisizing, skin density and turgor. Thus, the treatment of RF-lifting solves a number of aesthetic problems, such as wilting skin, drooping-deformation of facial contours, rough and thick skin, uneven skin tone.


Mesoporation - 45 minutes - 35 EUR (+ an ampoule from 4 EUR to 15 EUR)

The results of the treatment: no pain or side effects - improvement of skin quality is visible at once and has a lasting effect. A more youthful appearance, the skin is healthier and skin tone is more even, effective decreasing of wrinkles - so this procedure is recommended to carry out before attending important events.

Mesotherapy without needles is a treatment during which special concentrated preparations in ampoules are used. Ampoules are selected depending on the skin condition of the customer and the problem to be solved during the treatment. These may be anti-age substances, anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid, vitamins of natural origin which promote regeneration of skin and wrinkles decreasing, an elixir for solving acne problems.


Ultrasonic skin cleansing - 45 min 30 EUR

This is a treatment which includes the facial skin cleansing with ultrasound. This is the painless treatment, during which the skin is cleaned of external contamination, dead cells of the epidermis, sebum; ducts of the sebaceous glands are opened; the skin is cleansed of comedones (clogged pores, dark spots). When using this technique, almost every skin cell is cleansed. This is a wonderful form of cleansing the skin, after which there are no redness and inflammation. It is absolutely painless procedure.

Classic massage of the face, neck and décolleté 45 min/15-25 EUR isone of the most important treatments for the face. Classic facial massage will bring relaxation, improve blood circulation, complexion, relax and pull together tense and flabby muscles, remove fine wrinkles. Massage helps the skin to breathe, at the same time making it smoother, younger and more flexible.



Correction of bikini edges - 12.00 EUR

Deep hair removal in bikini area - 18.00 EUR - 25.00 EUR

Legs up to the knees - 9.00 EUR - 13.00 EUR

Legs above the knees - 9.00 EUR - 13.00 EUR

Legs over the entire length - 16.00 EUR - 25.00 EUR

Armpits - 5.00 EUR - 9.00 EUR

Hands - 6.00 EUR - 12.00 EUR

Individual facial area - 3.00 EUR - 5.00 EUR

Belly - 6.00 EUR - 15.00 EUR

Chest (for men) - 9.00 EUR - 13.00 EUR

Back (for men) - 9.00 EUR - 18.00 EUR