If excess fat has established in the area of abdomen and hips, on thighs, shins, ankles or double chin, fat-suction is one of the most popular surgery method for improving body’s contour and look. The method of fat-suction is very widely spread, but at the same time it constantly goes through the process of improvement bringing in new advantages and also disadvantages. The newest method has proved to be rather optimal and radically differs from the usual fat-suction. Dr. Feldmanis Private Clinic is the first one in the Baltics that offers this unique method for correction of body and face – fat-suction using the newest in the world 3D technology device EVA sp® 6. It guarantees safe, painless and immediate result. During the period of three months the clinic has successfully completed more than 40 procedures of fat-suction.


How does 3D method work?

Each treatment of fat-suction consists of two stages: the first one – liquefaction of fat by injecting a specially prepared liquid into subcutaneous fat, and the second – suction of fat. The usual method foresees that the surgeon makes the treatment with specific instrument – cannula that is being entered into the layer of subcutaneous fat sliding it through the adipose. This is a fairly hard work for a surgeon and a traumatic procedure for a patient that causes hematomas and requires at least one-month-long rehabilitation period.

The new method differs with the following: cannula is being fixed in a handle making the movement in three dimensions – the cannula makes the movements of half-rotation, vibration and forwards and backwards. All movements are made simultaneously with large frequency and small amplitude. The surgeon only holds the cannula by the handle and leads it in the required direction. Thus the treatment is easy for both – the patient and the surgeon.

Cannulas of infiltration are of different lengths and the surgeon chooses one corresponding to the necessity. With the 3D movements these are infused in the adipose and inject the liquids – saline, natrium hydrocarbonate, adrenaline and lidocaine – for dissolving the fat and anesthetizing the respective area. This is being done taking into account the patient’s age, the average pain threshold, weight and the volume of fat for suction. The fat dissolves immediately after the liquid has been injected. When all of the required fat area is being liquefied, the fat is started to be sucked starting from the spot where the liquid was injected first of all. The cannulas for fat suction applied here are smaller than those that are used in the classical fat-suction method. Normally the surgeon starts with the cannulas of larger size to suck the fat of larger volume and continues with smaller for finer suction and “fine-tuning” in order to reach the maximum aesthetic result of the treatment. The spot of cut that was used for infusion of cannula is not sewed allowing for the excess lidocaine to leave the body. One week after the treatment the spot of cut is already healed.

If the problem areas are multiple – arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, the sciatic part – the surgeon will select the sequence of fat suction on an individual basis. Usually in these cases the treatment is being done in two stages. The next treatment can be done already two to three weeks after the first one.


Advantages of the Method

3D method has several advantages if compared to the other methods of fat-suction. The most important - this method is less traumatic, has a shorter period of rehabilitation and the patient is able to return to its usual rhythm of life much faster. The classical method of fat-suction leaves large hematomas, a patient experiences pain and the full recovery takes at least a month. In the case of 3D method hematomas disappear within couple of weeks.

Another plus – the handle that holds cannula extracts infrasound in the adipose. This causes the adipose to secrete endorphin – the hormone of enjoyment that creates sensation of tickling.

All these prerequisites ensure no need for full anaesthesia. Thus this method is suitable for persons to whom for some reason the anaesthesia is contraindicated. This method will also suit those, who are afraid of the anaesthesia or falling asleep.

The absence of anaesthesia also eases preparation for the treatment, as well as the period of post-operation – no waking up from anaesthesia and a patient is able to leave the hospital on the day of operation.

Another essential advantage – if this treatment is carried out simultaneously to several body areas (abdomen, sides), there is no need for moving the patient – it can be done by the patient oneself following the instructions given by the doctor.


When the Method will suit and when – not?

Before the procedure the patient is being carefully examined and if the state of health is appropriate, the treatment does not have any restrictions. It is important that a person does not have any serious heart or blood clotting disorders, neither has the allergy against lidocaine that is being used for the local anaesthesia.

The tickling sensation during the procedure is being considered as an advantage, at the same time each patient perceives it differently – for some it could be a nice sensation and the procedure could be handled laughing, some are indifferent to it and could fall asleep, while others experience discomfort. Nevertheless, there have not been cases when a patient has not been able to handle the procedure.

This treatment as the best possible method could, for example, be suggested to a woman in a certain age having a substantive volume of fat in the area of abdomen. Why? Because the plastic surgery would be a serious surgical intervention in full narcosis followed by a lengthy period of rehabilitation, whereas 3D fat-suction method is a good alternative that in addition to already mentioned advantages would raise the woman’s quality of life in a much shorter period of time.

If the wish for fat-suction is being expressed by a young person, first of all the doctor speaks with the patient how the problem of excess weight can be solved in a natural manner, i.e., through sports activities and healthy diet. At the same time, in some cases a person experiences a vicious cycle when the excess weight is as high that it limits the movements and by not being able to move sufficiently the body weight only continues to grow. In these circumstances fat-suction can be a stimulus for further activities.


Complications? Minimal!

Using this method the complications could be the same as using any of the other fat-suction methods, whereas the probability of complications is much lower. Hematomas or haemorrhages that would need to be punctuated are almost non-existent, suffusions are much less and the after-treatment pain is smaller. Since this method is much more gentle towards the connective tissues, the ability of skin to shrink is much better especially if the patient’s age does not exceed 40.

During the treatment the small sensual nerves are being traumatised whereas they renew in the long run.

Meters on the display of the 3D fat-suction device allow dosage up to a millimetre of the liquids that are being injected in each of the areas. As a result, a mistaken dose is not possible. Also, a special security system blocks the cannula and stops the procedure if it runs into more compressed substance than adipose, for example, muscles or ribs.

Since procedures like this usually cause disorders of lymph flow, approximately two to three weeks after the procedure it is recommended to make lymphatic drainage. This would stimulate lymph flow, as well as improve the elasticity of skin and eliminate its unevenness.


Special Clothes

Right after the treatment the patient is being put on a special compression clothes that are suitable to the body part that has undergone the fat-suction procedure – chin, neck, upper arm, etc. It ensures a faster healing of the traumatised area. If at times the compression clothes had to be worn for at least four weeks, after the 3D method they are required for one week day and night and after that – one or two weeks only during the day.


Myths and the Truth

It has been heard that fat cells renew. A myth! The number of fat cells is definite and during the life time they can only expand or shrink. This process depends on each person’s genetics, life style and metabolism. If the fat is being sucked, these cells are being removed from the body and thus they cannot renew in the same spot. But, if a healthy lifestyle is not being followed and there is a lack of physical activities, the existing fat cells can expand in a completely different body area. For example, if they have been sucked from the area of abdomen, they could expand on an upper arm where the fat suction has not been performed.

It is also clear that fat-suction procedure does not solve all the problems at once. This is only improvement of the body’s shape. Therefore ideally this procedure could be attended after a person has had sports activities and healthy diet for half a year, whereas some problem areas that are more resistant to losing weight have still remained – abdomen around navel, sides or inner thighs for women.



*After fat-suction it is not recommended to have heat procedures (hot bath or sauna) that could cause haemorrhage.

*It is not recommended to have yeasty drinks (beer, wine, champagne).

*If the healing is successful, already two weeks after the treatment it is possible to gradually restart the sports activities.

*It is recommended to start a new lifestyle that includes healthy food and physical activities.

Costs EUR 500-2500, depending on the volume of fat